The Energetic Lighting Mission
is to be the leading provider of sustainable and innovative lighting products. We continually bring new products to the lighting market combining experience, R&D, and technology. This enables our Distributors to sell and facilitate Contractor and ESCO partner installations and maximize energy savings for our end users.

Energetic Lighting is committed to bringing its customers leading edge, quality products at reasonable prices, with excellent customer service. Energetic Lighting, as a leading manufacturer and developer of energy efficient lighting products, maintains more than two million square feet of manufacturing capability globally. We produce lighting products for many of the largest lighting companies in the world. Since 2001, Energetic Lighting's corporate office and main distribution center for North America are based in Chino, California with satellite warehouses in Georgia and Texas.
As a manufacturer, Energetic Lighting develops and designs products in-house, allowing us to oversee not only the final product but also all steps during production. We strive to maintain a balance between quality and cost, which ultimately translates to value for the customer. A product is not only the sum of its physical components, but just as important is the intangible process of design and assembly. Our efforts are not only put into the engineering of the final product but also the efficiency of the build process and component tooling, because a lower final cost does not need to come from lower quality components.
In today's lighting market, price reduction seems to be the target of every transaction taking place, and while price is very important it must never overshadow quality. Energetic Lighting prioritizes the quality control down to each component and throughout the entire manufacturing process. Reducing cost where needed, but never at a compromise to quality; the longevity of a company and brand cannot be built on a foundation based only on low cost. It is the quality of the product that fosters the growth of trust between manufacturer and consumer. Energetic Lighting will continue to remain competitive in this market while maintaining this perception.
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