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Program Type Definitions:
Prescriptive: The utility offering a prescriptive rebate gives specific guidelines about energy-saving upgrades and the rebate amount customers get for performing those upgrades. There are generally a number of specific requirements that go along with prescriptive rebates. The customer (contractors, installers, purchasers) typically files for the rebate after the purchase is made as part of the post installation rebate process.
Midstream: Midstream program – In the supply distribution chain, incentives are paid/directed to the distributor level, with impacts typically passed along to the contractor or downstream self-install customer: Midstream programs were designed to encourage equipment manufacturers to develop energy-efficient products and encourage distributors to keep these energy efficiency products in stock. Midstream programs offer wholesale price buy-downs to distributors allowing for immediate savings to be realized by customers at the point of purchase. Utility program managers reimburse distributors for the instant rebates they have provided their customers at the point of sale.


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