Energetic Lighting’s E3WR series of LED surface mount wraps showcase a simple yet elegant fixture form factor while delivering up to 4680 lumens in either a 2-ft or 4-ft length profile, while drawing only 20 and 40 watts of power, respectively. Dimmable with standard 0-10v dc low voltage systems. These versatile lights can be used for general room lighting, or as functional work area lights with an all-white appearance. Installation is quick and simple when mounting into standard ceiling junction boxes where access to interior wiring compartment only involves removing the front diffuser using an included suction cup tool. A simple housing core design uses less material for weight reduction, yet maintaining a durable steel body to retain a rugged overall construction. These versatile wrap light fixtures can be used in just about any type of installation location including, hallways, offices, schools, hospitals, and commercial warehouses.
• Available in either 3500K, 4000K, 5000K CCT
• Two housing profiles in either 2-ft or 4-ft lengths
• 3 available standard 1/2-inch trade-sized knockouts available on the back of the fixture housing
• Suitable for dry or damp location installations
• Easy wiring compartment access using the supplied suction cup, included in every unit package
• Pass-through single-wall wiring with integrated wire hold-down points provide easy and quick wiring as well as clean wire routing within the interior compartment
• Dimmable with standard 0-10v low voltage DC systems
• Minimum 92% lumen maintenance @ 36,000 hours – L92/36,000 (per IES TM21)
• Minimum projected L70 @ 161,000 hours = maintenance free illumination (per IES TM21)
• Suitable for damp location installation
• Offices
• Hallways
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Commercial Buildings
Order Number301223012330124301253012630127
Model NumberE3WR20D2-835E3WR20D2-840E3WR20D2-850E3WR40D4-835E3WR40D4-840E3WR40D4-850
Configuration2-ft Linear2-ft Linear2-ft Linear4-ft Linear4-ft Linear4-ft Linear
Body Color/FinishWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite
Beam Angle100°100°100°100°100°100°
Lumen Output2280 LM2300 LM2320 LM4600 LM4640 LM4680 LM
Luminous Efficacy114 LM/W115 LM/W116 LM/W115 LM/W116 LM/W117 LM/W
Input Power20 W20 W20 W40 W40 W40 W
Input Voltage120-277 Vac120-277 Vac120-277 Vac120-277 Vac120-277 Vac120-277 Vac
Power Factor0.
Color Temp (CCT)3500 K4000 K5000 K3500 K4000 K5000 K
Color Rend (CRI)828282828282
Lifetime Rating36000 hours36000 hours36000 hours36000 hours36000 hours36000 hours
Warranty10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years
Operating Temp-4 to 122 (°F)-4 to 122 (°F)-4 to 122 (°F)-4 to 122 (°F)-4 to 122 (°F)-4 to 122 (°F)
EnvironmentDamp LocationDamp LocationDamp LocationDamp LocationDamp LocationDamp Location
Weight2.5 LBS2.5 LBS2.5 LBS4.5 LBS4.5 LBS4.5 LBS
Dimensions24.5x5.3x2.3 (in)24.5x5.3x2.3 (in)24.5x5.3x2.3 (in)47.8x5.3x2.3 (in)47.8x5.3x2.3 (in)47.8x5.3x2.3 (in)
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Model NumberE3WR20D2-835E3WR20D2-840E3WR20D2-850E3WR40D4-835E3WR40D4-840E3WR40D4-850
Item UPC845940009597845940009603845940009610845940009627845940009634845940009641
Case UPC108459400095941084594000960010845940009617108459400096241084594000963110845940009648
Master Carton UPC
Item(s) per pack1 per pack1 per pack1 per pack1 per pack1 per pack1 per pack
packs per case4 per case4 per case4 per case4 per case4 per case4 per case
Case per Master
Item weight3 LBS3 LBS3 LBS5 LBS5 LBS5 LBS
Case weight12 LBS12 LBS12 LBS22 LBS22 LBS22 LBS
Master Weight
Item pack dimensions26x6x2.5 (in)26x6x2.5 (in)26x6x2.5 (in)50x6x2.5 (in)50x6x2.5 (in)50x6x2.5 (in)
Case dimensions26x11x6.5 (in)26x11x6.5 (in)26x11x6.5 (in)50x11x6.5 (in)50x11x6.5 (in)50x11x6.5 (in)
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